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Order Checker, Ostrava

Publikováno 2023-11-21
Vyprší 2023-11-27
ID #1931105685
Order Checker, Ostrava
Czech Republic, Moravskoslezský, Ostrava,
Publikováno November 21, 2023


Starting Date: as soon as possible If you are looking for a job in The Netherlands and you are speaking English, you just might be the right person for us! A Dutch logistic company that helps other companies to move forward and grow, is looking for an order checker.Job description: You will check orders collected by your colleagues Requirements: It is mandatory to have forklift or EPT experience It would be nice to have Dutch working experience B2 English language level It is necessary to have a driver’s licence Availability to relocate in The Netherlands Why would you choose to work with us? Our team is offering you SUPPORT and GUIDANCE, beginning with choosing the right job for you, helping you at your arrival in The Netherlands (accommodation, registration papers), and after that, throughout the entire time of our collaboration DUTCH EMPLOYMENT CONTRACT, regardless of the type of work that you are looking for (temporary or a carrier in The Netherlands) We are providing ACCOMMODATION (your own room, internet connection, and utilities). If you do not need the accommodation offered by us, or if you choose to move somewhere else in time, you will receive a housing allowance of 20 Euro/worked day, net, for a maximum of 5 days/week You can rent the car from us, and we give you a FUEL CARD. If you are using your own car, we are giving you a fuel allowance of 0.19 Euro/km, for each kilometre that exceeds a 10 km distance between accommodation and workplace If the job requires you to have a VCA certificate, we can help you by paying your exam Weekly wages, transferred into your account every Thursday We do not charge any commission or start-up fee. Apply NOW, and one of our recruiters will contact you as soon as possible! You can contact us here:Phone: +31 85 107 0585Email:

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Typ práce: Plný úvazek
Typ smlouvy: Trvalý
Typ platu: Měsíční
obsazení: Order checker

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